Who has the power now?

So, after her mini re-think, our new Prime Minister Theresa May has given the ‘green light’ for EDF to build a nuclear power station at Hinkley Point – together with their Chinese backers. We are bound to say that this looks like a very bad deal for Britain. The future subsidy for the power produced will make the plant a white elephant.

Don’t take our word for it see what the experts say:

“Appalling value for money” is the way Professor Paul Edkins, deputy director of the UK Energy Research Centre described it, pointing out that the energy market had changed in recent years and that renewable energy costs had halved, also that new storage systems have led to the reliability of new green energy (power available even when the wind doesn’t blow).

Lib Dem Lynne Featherstone said “Hinkley is now very bad value for money for the British Taxpayer and should be abandoned immediately”.

The only crumb of comfort is that it will only form 7% of British power supply and cost, in theory we only pay when the power plant is up and running (‘in theory’ because we have seen such agreements change before).

photo of the present Bradwell Power Station

The present Bradwell Power Station

Locally many of us are very concerned by the prospect of the Chinese designing and building their own nuclear power plant at nearby Bradwell. Here is the present Bradwell Power Station: The national security concerns have been well rehearsed regarding the Chinese involvement. All credit to the Chinese ‘tiger’ coming from the chaos of the Cultural Revolution and largely peasant farming culture to modern country in just a few decades. However extra caution is justified when trusting newly acquired technology in the field of nuclear power plants – the most critical science on the planet. Not taking anything from the Chinese ability to mass produce cheap consumer products, but some of their modern technology has been found wanting. The critical nature of the Bradwell plant which will demand openness and transparency throughout construction and operation makes us uneasy. This issue is about more than just money.

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