What made you join?

Lots of new members sign up for the Liberal Democrats. Would you like to know more?  Would you like to join?

The local Lib Dems have benefitted from several membership ‘surges’, one after the dreadful 2015 General Election and again after the Brexit vote. But we are still very keen to hear from you. We want to hear from all our supporters, from those who are able to help in even the smallest way and of course we would welcome new members.

Here are some of the reasons why other new members joined:


Ivan Massow

Entrepreneur and founder of www.equal.london

I’d been in the Conservatives since I was 14, but moved over to the Lib Dems early this year. It’s the second time I’ve left the Tories – the first was to try and force the party to become more centre-ground, and I knew that my leaving would make the headlines. This time I moved over quietly. I had no particular axe to grind with the Conservatives, but felt that my work to bring them more central was done, and that I could walk away and be a member of a party that is more relevant to my sensibilities.

After seeing the Lib Dems work in Coalition, and seeing them step up to the responsibilities of government. I felt I had more in common with them. I hadn’t realised the Lib Dems could be a party of government before the coalition – and I know they took a huge hit for doing it – but I think they proved themselves and were a great party for the economy and a great help for business.

My hope is that the Lib Dems become a natural home for those people who fall to the centre of the two main parties. I have a lot of friends in the Tory and Labour parties who I think are very close to the Liberal Democrats’ philosophy. I’d really like it if they would consider joining up to strengthen the party and to help it take the position it actually deserves – second or, potentially, even first place.

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