Refugee Crisis

Paddy AshdownA tidal wave of public concern forces our government to finally act. But Cameron can only come up with a half baked plan full of holes.

Paddy Ashdown’s tweet just about sums up how ill thought out the government’s attempt at compassion really is:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 16.22.05

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1 thought on “Refugee Crisis

  1. The Prime Minister’s proposals do seem misguided, even cruel. How can we bring children over from the horror of the refugee camps (no doubt some of the priority cases will be disabled children), introduce them to our language, education and culture, only to deport them to a country they will have little in common with at the tender age of 18! It is crazy! No doubt Mr Cameron had in mind some sort of 21st century ‘kindertransport’, but no one would have deported those Jewish children back to Germany when they reached 18.

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