About us


What we do

Our local Liberal Democrat team are here to serve the people of South East Essex. At the local level Lib Dem Councillors and campaigners have a great reputation for getting things done. We listen to local people’s concerns and do what we can to help – this is what we mean by our ‘Community Politics’ (it’s not just a slogan).

Although we lost a lot of MPs in the last general election, many people know that we did a good job in the Coalition government. The Liberal Democrat MPs put country before party at a very difficult time. Conservative rule looks a lot harsher and more unfair than the Coalition.

“If you care about human rights, join us.

If you think you shouldn’t have your emails snooped on, join us.

If you think everyone deserves a decent home, join us”

Tim Farron MP, Liberal Democrat leader


Where we are

This branch covers a very wide area of South East Essex – outside of Southend and Basildon. We are active and have members in the following towns and villages across the area:

Benfleet , Canewdon, Canvey, Daws Heath, Hadleigh, Hockley, Rayleigh, Rochford, the Wakerings, Wickford and many places between.

Why not contact us?

By email:

Below the A127:   castlepointlibdems@mail.com   or

Above the A127:   rayleighandwickfordlibdems@mail.com

By post:

Liberal Democrats, 22 Beech Avenue, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 8AE

By phone : 07799.345795


How are we funded:

Unlike the other political parties, we are not funded by big business or the trade unions. We have to raise all our own cash with the help of our loyal band of members and supporters. If you would like to help in fund raising or get involved in any of our other activities – we would love to hear from you (contact details above).