Your Chance to Question Ron Tindall

Ron Tindall, the Lib Dems parliamentary candidate for Rayleigh and Wickford, will be meeting voters again this weekend.

On Saturday evening (June 3), he will be taking part in the Rayleigh General Election Hustings, at Holy Trinity Church, at the top of Rayleigh High Street.

Doors open at 7.00pm and entry is free.

Tindall will be opposing Southend Hospital’s downgrading and holding the government to account for their shambolic cuts to policing and education. He will also be putting forward the Lib Dems case for a final referendum on Brexit once the deal is known. 

During Saturday afternoon Tindall will be out and about in both Rayleigh High Street and Wickford High Street.

He said: “I am looking forward to going head to head with the other candidates on the Hustings. The Lib Dems have shown throughout this campaign that we are the only party with sensible and properly funded policies which will benefit everyone – not just Theresa May’s wealthy supporters.”

In 'The Echo' – Southend A&E

The Echo is generally a Conservative leaning newspaper cheering on Tory promises like facts that had been put into action. It was good therefore to see them print 2 brutally honest letters last night, one from the Secretary of Save Southend A+E Group and one from a member of the public Malcolm Watson.

Election Results

Cllr James Newport reports….

May 4th was a good day for the Tories across the country as we saw a tsunami of Tory wins at County Councils. Essex County Council was no different and our own Lib Dems in Rayleigh saw defeat after much campaigning we just didn’t do enough to persuade voters that we could be the liferaft that saved them from NHS Cuts, Cuts to education, Air Pollution, Pot Holes, Congestion….

The turnout figures in Rayleigh North and Rayleigh South were 36% and 32% respectively. To give an idea of how the parties each faired here is a breakdown of the percentage share of the vote each party took.


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