An interesting message from a Labour supporter … to Ed Miliband

Sid Cumberland

This is well worth a read. Personally, I’d be much more worried if I were Ed Miliband than if I were Nick Clegg – and Alex Hilton’s blog post makes it quite clear why Ed M is in such trouble.

I have a considerable amount of respect for local activists of all parties – I know how hard it can be to keep your own particular faith when your leaders seem to have lost theirs. Here’s an indicator of how hard it is for this particular Labour activist:

“It shocked me that party members, unions and MPs would back you regardless of the fact that you were so clearly not up to the job, have no vision for Britain and can’t communicate very well.”

Oh dear …


Actual votes, in actual elections…

Lots of people are getting worried/rejoicing about low opinion poll figures for the Lib Dems. Well, here are some actual figures for the first three months of 2012:

The Parties’ vote shares in local by-elections over the last 3 months were:
Con                                           33%
Lib Dem                                    26%
Lab                                            22%

That’s actual voters actually voting (5,000 of them).